Some people may not
like or accept you
because of your religion,
the color of your skin,
your national origin,
your sex,
your wealth or lack of it,
your educational level,
your occupation,
your way of life,
or for some other reason.
I don’t know why
people are so narrow-minded,
and prejudice
especially in this
day and age
when humanity has
come so far.
And I’ll never understand
why people can’t just
love each other
as God intended.
But I do know
that you shouldn’t believe
a bit of what
such people say.
Never believe
that you’re not
as good as everyone else…
because you are

Loving personality….

Respected personality….

Honored personality….


About ismailmn

I am a simple business man, slim, fair, attractive, handsome, straight forward, honest, sincere, loyal with my own life, profession, friends and family......
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